Reduce the running cost of your Online Backup Business and Increase sales

  • Leverage your Comet® Backup Software investment with this function rich online backup management service
  • Free up manpower with automatic invoicing and customer payment collection
  • Attract more business with a web portal - branded and integrated for you
  • Re-energise your sales staff with a CRM designed specifically for your business
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  • Automated billing

    Automate your invoicing and direct debits to help make your accountant's life a breeze, with integrated billing and flexible pricing packages.

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  • Server management

    Easily manage your Comet® backup servers and accounts. Designed with simplicity in mind, figaro's server administration tools take the tech out of technical. Turn the Comet® features to your advantage.

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  • In depth reporting

    Find out what is really going on. figaro's comprehensive reporting suite gives you the data you require to make decisions.

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  • Customer Portal

    Attract new customers and keep existing ones happy. A fully branded, customer login portal for your clients and resellers to view and manage their accounts and for you to take full advantage of the Comet® Trial period feature - figaro keeps track, keeps tidy and helps you convert potential customers.

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  • Staff efficiency

    Help your staff to stay on top of their work with built in notifications and action history with all system access being managed by fully customisable permissions.

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  • Access from anywhere

    Supervising users can login and manage the business from anywhere on the web whilst ensuring main business access is locked down to specified locations.

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